Sapi Med

Sapi Med is an Italian manufacturer of medical devices dedicated to proctology. She is heavily involved in numerous scientific studies to improve the functionality of diagnostic tools and the quality of materials used in production. Sapi Med has always been synonymous with quality, which is why its products are recognized and valued around the world. Generating benefits not only for proctologists, but especially for their patients, is the company's main goal. The products are CE marked and are medical devices. Bechtold & Co. is a distributor of Sapi Med brand disposable proctology specula.


Sapi Med was born in 1981 out of a desire to contribute to a significant change in the world of Italian proctology. Indeed, until the 1980s, the medical sector did not place much emphasis on proctology, considering it a minor branch of surgery and a matter unworthy of the attention reserved for the study of other organs. The company's portfolio now includes more than 100 disposable medical products designed to meet the surgical needs of the proctologist and fully respect the needs of the patient. The constant search for innovative and avant-garde solutions, along with the development of an extensive network of highly skilled medical proctologists, has allowed Sapi Med to become an industry leader, significantly expanding its market not only nationwide, but also in more than 50 countries around the world. The company's main goal is to strengthen the non-traumatic approach to coloproctologic pathologies by implementing one-off solutions that are minimally invasive, guaranteeing the highest quality standards and complying with all sector regulations.


Bechtold & Co. has been a distributor of Sapi Med brand disposable proctology specula for several years. The products can be seen both during the numerous conferences and scientific events in which we participate, and during personal meetings with our representatives.

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