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Concave probe 1cm

 97.08 Incl. VAT
Concave probe, with a diameter of 1 cm. Pictured left. For Brymill cameras.


 77.53 Incl. VAT
Brymill Cryochamber

Flat cylindrical probe

 111.24 Incl. VAT
Flat, cylindrical probe with a diameter of 2 cm. For Brymill cryosurgery units.

Gynecological probe

 960.00 Incl. VAT
Convex gynecological probe 19 mm. For Brymill cameras.

Mini probe

 93.26 111.24 Incl. VAT
Mini 5 mm contact probe. For Brymill cryosurgery units.

Probe medical instrument

Probes are multifunctional devices that have a wide range of applications in medicine. At you will find medical probes compatible with the devices used for cryosurgery procedures. How does the probe work? The medical instrument acts as an applicator applied to the lesion to be treated. Connected to the cryosurgery equipment, the medical probe produces cold – an agent that allows the pathological tissue to be quickly removed. You can find probes of various sizes and shapes, which allows you to match the tip to the size of the lesion to be frozen. A wide selection of applicators provides the doctor with maximum precision even in small areas.
Each medical probe presented in our catalog meets strict standards. Innovative design and the use of high-quality materials make it possible to maximize the potential of the cooling agent. Medical contact probes are lightweight, handy and comfortable to use. Ergonomics is one of the many advantages of the presented devices, which practitioners are sure to appreciate.