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LEDX Veinlite vascular illuminator

Veinlite LEDX - is the most powerful of the pocket LED vascular illuminators.

Neo Veinlite vascular illuminator

Veinlite Neo vascular illuminator designed to find veins and arteries of newborns

Veinlite halogen vascular illuminator

 1 134.00
Translite, an American company's device for vein imaging (patent)

Veinlite R vascular illuminator

Veinlite R vascular illuminator for finding veins and arteries in rats and mice

LED+ Veinlite vascular illuminator

Veinlite LED+ is the second most powerful of the pocket LED vascular illuminators. Designed for vein imaging prior to insertion, or for testing prior to varicose vein treatment. It provides uniform illumination of veins anywhere on the patient's body.

EMS PRO vascular illuminator

A simplified version of the clinically proven Veinlite's LEDX

Pedi 2 Veinlite vascular illuminator

The Veinlite Pedi 2 vascular illuminator is designed for punctures in 0-17 year olds. Powered by two AAA batteries. Lighting with 14 LEDs in two colors for the best visualization. 3 brightness levels.

Vein Finder VIVO500 Projector

 3 370.79
Vein Finder VIVO500 Projector

Case for LED+

Case for LED+

Case for VEMS PRO

Case for VEMS PRO

Case for VLEDX

Case for VLEDX

Veinlite 2 protective covers

Veinlite 2 protective covers - pack of 50 pcs.