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Syris v900L vein visualizer

 2 586.60
SYRIS V900L with polarized light and magnifiers with 1.75x magnification on the cap. Set in a carrying case with battery and charger.

HEINE eyeloupes HR 2.5x on S-Frame

 1 077.12
HEINE eyepiece magnifiers with a very wide field of view, are lightweight and waterproof. The achromatic optics feature high resolution

HEINE HR 2.5x eyepiece magnifier on a headpiece

‘- Faithful color reproduction and great depth of field. Achromatic HR (high resolution, high resolution) optics with proprietary multilayer coating

HEINE MicroLight headlamp

 1 473.41 1 664.96
Very lightweight headlamp, versatile. Mounted on an S-Frame eyeglass frame or lightweight headband.

ENT headlamp

ENT headlamps are essential equipment for any specialist whose work revolves around diseases of the throat, larynx, sinuses, nose and ears. An ENT headlamp makes it possible to conduct a thorough, in-depth examination and make an accurate diagnosis. All the proposed models provide the doctor with maximum comfort. Headlamp magnifiers with an adjustment system are stable, illuminate and magnify the selected area hands-free and allow you to assume an ergonomic, comfortable position while working. The lenses used guarantee a sharp and clear image. The headlamps are lightweight, so their use does not entail any discomfort. The devices use LED technology that gives white, homogeneous light, ideal for surgical and dental applications. Importantly, the innovative ENT headlamps are sealed and waterproof, making them easy to clean and disinfect. The models offered combine an uncompromising standard with a low price.