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Cryosurgery, a technology that uses severely cooled temperatures for therapeutic purposes, is used in various medical fields. Its services are used by dermatologists, oncologists, ENT surgeons, gynecologists and even veterinarians, among others. Cryotherapy is also used during rehabilitation after orthopedic injuries. Cryosurgical devices use a cooled gas (e.g., liquid nitrogen, nitrous oxide), which makes it possible to spot anesthetize the patient. Frozen tissues become temporarily immune to pain. Cryosurgery is particularly popular as a method of treating small skin lesions (warts, blisters, fibromas, hemangiomas, hyperpigmentation, age spots, etc.). In our website we have gathered cryosurgery equipment of the highest order. There are mobile cryosurgery devices, contact probes, extenders, adapters, spray probes and cryosurgery accessories. With a complete set of cryosurgery equipment at a good price, it's easy to complete your surgery equipment in one place with