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LOTOS 1470nm 15W laser

 9 828.00
1470 nm 15W laser for phlebology and proctology applications.

DP-30 LipoPlus pump

 1 830.60
Improved DP-30 LipoPlus tumescent anesthesia pump

Electrosurgical unit ELTRON 120

 895.32 1 037.88
Small, popular 120W electrosurgical device for ambulatory use. Versatile, easy to use and reliable.


The laser, with a wavelength of 1470 nm, gives the best results among the lasers on the market today. In addition, the radial fiber opens up new treatment options.

FOX 1064NM

FOX laser for nail fungus therapy


 788.21 1 020.78


A world leader in clinical photography. A full-body bodymapping system that ensures repeatability and standardization of images, also taken under polarized light.

KTP LOTOS 532 5W laser

 14 040.00
The Lotus KTP vascular laser is the smallest 5W KTP medical laser on the market.

Mesher for skin grafting

 5 433.57
A device from Nouvag for preparing skin flaps for transplantation.

NEW ASKIR 20 suction unit

NEW ASKIR 20 suction unit

NEW ASKIR 30 PROXIMITY suction unit

NEW ASKIR 30 PROXIMITY treatment suction machine

NEW ASKIR 30 suction unit

NEW ASKIR 30 suction unit