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Tubings Nouvag 6022

 90.72  86.40
Package of 10 pcs. For DP-30, DP-20 pump.

DP-30 LipoPlus pump

 1 830.60
Improved DP-30 LipoPlus tumescent anesthesia pump

Tumescent anesthesia pump DP30

 1 220.40
The DP 30 is a versatile pump used for tumescent anesthesia, endovascular procedures, liposuction and more. Nouvag AG DP-30 infiltration pump

Tumenescence devices

The tumenscece machines presented in this category are designed to eliminate discomfort primarily during endovascular (intravascular) treatments, which are a minimally invasive alternative to standard vascular surgery, liposuction and other procedures requiring precise yet rapid administration of fluids. The innovative Nouvag DP-30 pump is designed for tumescent anesthesia. It is characterized by ease of use and adjustments that allow you to match parameters to the specifics of the procedure. The anesthesia machines are equipped with a Vario foot switch that allows efficient switching on, switching off and adjusting the flow by the degree of pedal tilt. The Swiss device is highly trusted by the most demanding specialists who value work comfort, reliability and precision. The ergonomic device is lightweight, does not take up much space, and does not require time-consuming and expensive maintenance.