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Dermlite FOTO II Pro

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A photodermatoscopy lens designed for those for whom dermatoscopic image quality is paramount.

For use with any 2/3 or full-frame Canon or Nikon DSLR camera.

Dermlite Foto X Dermatoscope

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Dermlite Foto X Dermatoscope


Photodermatoscopy is a modern dermatological examination that involves repeated magnification of worrying lesions using advanced equipment - a photodermatoscopy apparatus. During the short, painless examination, the doctor can detect dangerous cancerous lesions in their early stages, allowing to implement effective treatment and avoid serious risks. In the online store you will find a compact and easy-to-use VEOS SLR camera by Canon. The high-end photodermatoscopy camera captures consistent, reproducible dermoscopic and clinical images of skin and hair lesions. The innovative equipment features VEOS SLR's unique LED flash system that sequentially captures cross-polarized and non-polarized images in contact or non-contact mode. In addition, we offer our customers two lenses compatible with digital SLR cameras and even compact cameras and smartphones.