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UNS bipolar straight tweezers long

Ultra Non-Stick 18 cm long bipolar straight tweezers. European plug.

UNS bipolar straight tweezers short

Ultra Non-Stick bipolar straight tweezers short 11.5 cm. European plug.

UNS bipolar bent short tweezers

Ultra Non-Stick bipolar straight tweezers short 11.5 cm. European plug.

UNS downward bipolar bayonet tweezers

Ultra Non-Stick 22 cm bipolar bent down bayonet tweezers. European plug.

UNS straight bayonet bipolar tweezers

Ultra Non-Stick 20 cm bipolar straight bayonet tweezers. European plug.

Bipolar bayonet tweezers

Bipolar bayonet tweezers. Choice of thickness, length and bend direction.

Bipolar tweezers straight short

Bipolar straight tweezers short for sterilization. European plug. Choice of sharp and 0.5mm tips. Both versions are available in bent and straight versions.

Non-stick bipolar tweezers

 283.14 439.48
Silver-plated bipolar tweezers (NON STICK). There are 61 different variants to choose from.
Bipolar tweezers are widely used in various fields of medicine, especially in surgery and wherever more and less invasive procedures are carried out. It owes its popularity to its excellent properties and performance characteristics. Bipolar tweezers: reduces the phenomenon of current flow through the tissue, thanks to local application, is characterized by high durability, which the instrument owes to the use of high-quality alloy, provides precise coagulation thanks to appropriately designed tips, is characterized by a properly finished surface of the grasping part, which significantly facilitates grasping the tissue, is not complicated to clean, so cleaning between procedures consumes less time, We specialize in providing high quality medical apparatus and equipment. Our product range includes solutions based on the latest technologies. In addition to diagnostic magnifiers and treatment lamps, we offer our customers bipolar tweezers with excellent performance characteristics. Customers looking for medical products and accessories are encouraged to take a detailed look at the assortment of our store, both for bipolar tweezers and other products.