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Dermlite LUMIO Diagnostic Loupe

 376.92 Incl. VAT
The set includes: - Lumio magnifier - 4 AA-type, lithium batteries - protective case made of neoprene foam

Diagnostic magnifier IDS-3100

 730.34 Incl. VAT
ILUCCO IDS-3100 hybrid diagnostic magnifier with four lighting modes.

Lumio 2 diagnostic loupe

 858.60 Incl. VAT
The Lumio 2 diagnostic loupe is the next generation of the Lumio diagnostic loupe. It combines powerful polarized lighting, three ranges of UV light, Wood's lamp and filters in one device. An indispensable device in general skin diagnostics.

Optima diagnostic loupe

 588.60 723.60 Incl. VAT
Optima 3-in-1 Diagnostic Magnifier / Daylight

Cryosurgery apparatus

Cryosurgery is a modern method of treating diseased tissue. The therapeutic agent here is cold, or more precisely - nitrous oxide or liquid nitrogen. Cryosurgery apparatus is mainly used by doctors specializing in dermatology, vascular surgery and gynecology. Treatments are carried out in two ways - by direct contact of the probe with the pathological tissue or by spray method. The cryosurgery apparatus will be fully functional only if it is supplemented with applicators that allow the doctor to work on tissues of varying location and size. In the store you will find everything you need to comprehensively equip your treatment room - high-tech equipment and necessary accessories. All products in this category come from the offer of recognized manufacturers setting trends in the dynamically developing field of medicine. Check out the cryosurgery equipment we offer and add cold treatments to your practice's portfolio!