Reger is a German manufacturer of accessories for electrosurgery, including: tweezers, cables, handles and electrodes. With all of the company's services and manufacturing execution under one roof, it is possible to ensure the highest quality products and security of supply. Reger has always worked in accordance with current European standards and certifies its products accordingly, so buyers can be sure that the company's product range meets the highest standards.


Reger was founded in 1975 by expert surgical mechanic Werner Reger. Specialized in the production of monopolar electrodes according to customer requirements. Until his retirement, Mr. Werner Reger managed the company in Deilingen and manufactured medical products with high-quality craftsmanship. In 2004, Alexander Hetzel took over the company and continued to develop existing production processes and expand the product range. In 2006, the company moved from Deilingen to the industrial area in Villingendorf. With the acquisition of Med. Contact in 2009, the company expanded its product range to include plastic medical products, i.e: cables and brackets. Reger is now operating as a supplier in the field of electrosurgical accessories. The company continues to grow and expand by producing precision and patented special instruments for the domestic and international markets, making important contributions to the global healthcare system. With the 2019 acquisition of Dr. Medical in Solothurn, Switzerland, Reger is adding a new product range to its portfolio: shaver blades and drills. Superior engineering skills combined with premium Swiss quality.


Bechtold & Co. has been a distributor of the Reger brand since the early 2000s. We offer equipment manufactured by Reger for both Eltron and other popular brands, such as Valleylab, Emed, Erbe, Bovie, Conmed, KLS Martin, Bechtold. Our electrosurgical instrument sets are equipped with Reger monopolar electrodes as standard.


Handles and cables (1)

Bipolar (11)

Adapters and extensions (5)

Active electrodes (40)

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Straight ball 2 mm

 10.56 Incl. VAT
Choice of 2.4 or 4 mm handle diameter.

Straight ball 4 mm

 10.56 Incl. VAT
Choice of 2.4 or 4 mm handle diameter.

Straight ball 6 mm

 10.56 Incl. VAT
Choice of 2.4 or 4 mm handle diameter.

Curved ball electrode

 10.56 Incl. VAT
Handle and ball diameter of your choice

Straight knife (spatula)

 10.56 Incl. VAT
You can choose the diameter of the handle - 2,4 or 4 mm.

Spatula, angled 2.4mm

 10.56 Incl. VAT
For 2.4mm pencils

Angular needle 35 X 0.3 mm

 254 831 460 674 157.00 Incl. VAT
Angular needle 0.3 mm, length 35 mm, for 2.4 mm pencil. Reusable electrode, for water-steam or gas sterilization.

Wire loop 5 mm

 20.00 Incl. VAT
5mm plain tungsten loop for 4mm holder

Wire loop fi 8mm for 4mm holder, tungsten

 20.00 Incl. VAT
284-4 wire loop fi 8mm for 4mm holder, tungsten

Insulated angle tungsten needle 20mm, fi 0.5mm, for 4mm handle

 31.80 Incl. VAT
Insulated tungsten needle length 20mm, fi 0.5 mm

Insulated straight tungsten needle fi 0.5 mm

 31.80 Incl. VAT
Insulated tungsten straight needle fi 0.5 mm, insulated, working tip length 5 mm

Insulated straight tungsten needle length 20mm 20mm, fi 0.5mm, for 4mm holder

 31.80 Incl. VAT
223-0 Insulated straight tungsten needle length 20mm, fi 0.5mm