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Hemorrhoidal ligator, suction

Hemorrhoidal ligator, suction, set with hemorrhoidal rings black (100 pcs).

Hemorrhoid ligature rings

Hemorrhoid o-rings – pack of 100 pcs. They fit cones up to 12 mm in diameter.

Hemorrhoid ligature rings

Black non-latex rings (rubber bands) for ligation of anal varices (Barron’s method) – pack of 100 pcs. They fit cones

Hemorrhoidal forceps

Mc Givney type hemorrhoidal forceps.

RUDD type hemorrhoidal ligator

RUDD type hemorrhoidal ligator, 27.5 cm long, under a 12 mm cone

Proctology tools

Hemorrhoids are an embarrassing and vexing problem that many patients are reluctant to confront. The fact that such ailments rarely appear in discussions with friends or even advertisements for medical products and dietary supplements does not mean that the problem is niche. Proctologists - specialists in the treatment of the end of the digestive tract, meeting long lines of patients in front of their offices - know this best. Statistics state that up to one in two Poles struggles with pain caused by hemorrhoids. The causes of anal varices are varied. At the top of the long list of "culprits" of this type of ailment are a sedentary lifestyle (the curse of our times), poor diet or slowed intestinal peristalsis caused by the advanced age of the patient. Regardless of which cause is responsible for hemorrhoid troubles, you will need to seek help from specialists. With the latter in mind, we have assembled brand-name proctological tools. Among them are hemorrhoidal ligators of various types, as well as hemorrhoidal forceps and hemorrhoidal rings, i.e. basic proctological tools necessary in the work of a doctor treating rectal diseases.