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Active electrodes (40)

Adapters and extensions (5)

Ballet needles (6)

Bipolar (10)

Disposable (12)

Electrosurgery units (7)

Handles and cables (5)

Neutral electrodes (8)


Electrosurgery is a rapidly growing field of medicine that uses electric current to destroy, remove and cut tissue. It is valued for its capabilities, safety, precision and excellent aesthetic results. In the online store you will find a wide range of products used in electrosurgery in its broadest sense: apparatus, holders and cables, passive and active electrodes, bipolar devices, Ballet needles, extenders and adapters, and even cleaners. Our equipment is used in doctors' offices, hospitals and clinics specializing primarily in dermatology, surgery, cosmetology and gynecology. Equipment supplied by well-established manufacturers passes the test with excellence in the demanding environment of outpatient clinics, treatment rooms, small operating rooms and endoscopy labs. It is often used in one-day surgery treatments. In the extensive catalog presented on our site you will find a wide selection of electrosurgical accessories, including those for LANCETRON diathermy.