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Canfield is a world leader in imaging systems and products for scientific research, including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetic, medical and skin care industries. It provides top-notch solutions for physicians to serve their patients through the use of state-of-the-art digital photography systems, imaging and outcomes management software. This U.S.-based manufacturer of videodermatoscopes, dermatoscopes and diagnostic magnifiers is mainly focused on improving technology and quality in examining and analyzing skin conditions, as well as systems for recording test results.


Canfield has been working intensively since 1988 on technologies for enabling doctors to most accurately assess the condition of patients' skin. The results of this research include the Luminis 2 dermatoscope and Optima magnifier we offer. Most noteworthy is the high-end D200 EVO Videodermatoscope, which, with all its instrumentation, allows the most precise and in-depth examination of clients, as well as recording images and keeping a complete history of patient treatment.


Bechtold & Co. has been a distributor of the Canfield brand dedicated to medical devices for many years. Canfield's products can be seen both during the numerous conferences and scientific events we attend and during personal meetings with our representatives. We provide warranty service for equipment purchased from us, as well as post-warranty service.

Canfield Care

Canfield products are covered by two years of Canfield Care. The service comes with a warranty on the equipment, and access to events and webinars hosted by Canfield. Service is provided by our service center in Poland. At the time of purchase of the device you have the option to purchase Canfield Care for additional years, extending the warranty on the device.


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Canfield D200 EVO videodermatoscope

The best quality videodermatoscope with excellent optics and direct digital image transmission to the computer. Manufacturer: Canfield Scientific Inc.

Canfield Luminis 2

 1 050.84 Incl. VAT
Superior optics straight from the videodermatoscope manufacturer

Optima magnifier and Luminis dermatoscope set

 2 176.20 Incl. VAT
Optima magnifier and Luminis dermatoscope set with dual charging station


A world leader in clinical photography. A full-body bodymapping system that ensures repeatability and standardization of images, also taken under polarized light.

Optima diagnostic loupe

 588.60 723.60 Incl. VAT
Optima 3-in-1 Diagnostic Magnifier / Daylight