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Focusing handpiece for LOTOS and any SMA905 Laser

Adjustable spot size with spacer rings (0.7 mm and 1 mm). It also fits other lasers with SMA905 connector.

LOTOS 1470nm 15W laser

 9 828.00
1470 nm 15W laser for phlebology and proctology applications.


The laser, with a wavelength of 1470 nm, gives the best results among the lasers on the market today. In addition, the radial fiber opens up new treatment options.

FOX 1064NM

FOX laser for nail fungus therapy

KTP LOTOS 532 5W laser

 14 040.00
The Lotus KTP vascular laser is the smallest 5W KTP medical laser on the market.


Extremely wide application thanks to the possibility of selecting the wavelength - 980, 1064 or 1470nm.

Medical lasers

The medical laser has revolutionized medicine in almost every field of medicine. store meets the expectations of customers wishing to equip hospitals, private clinics and surgeries with innovative treatment equipment, offering medical lasers from catalogs of recognized manufacturers. The technologically advanced equipment provides excellent results while reducing the discomfort felt by the patient. Among other things, medical lasers can be used to treat spider veins and telangiectasias on various parts of the body, treat rosacea, hemangiomas, varicose veins or anal fistulae. Patients undergoing the treatments do not have to undergo a long convalescence, deal with bruising and pain. Treatments are carried out under local anesthesia. Most medical lasers are equipped with a camera that allows precise navigation and real-time viewing of the treatment by the operator and the patient, which translates into comfort and a sense of security for the latter.