Dermlite is a leading global brand of dermatoscopes, photodermatoscopes, diagnostic magnifiers and the Syris vascular visualization system. Its products are made in the United States, in the State of California. A leader in the use of polarized light in dermatoscopy.


Founded in 1999, the company was originally called 3 Gen Inc - after the three founders. In 2001, the debut of the world's first dermatoscope with polarized light, the Dermlite DL100, took place. Together with Dermlite, we have been innovating dermatoscopy devices since 2005, contributing to the development of the field. Dermlite was the first to introduce the now widely used system of connecting to phones and cameras using MagnettiConnect adapters, allowing images to be archived and compared over time in any office.


Bechtold & Co. has been the exclusive distributor of the Dermlite brand in Poland since 2005. We participate in numerous conferences and scientific events. The equipment can be seen both during these events and during personal meetings with our representatives. We provide warranty service for equipment purchased from us, as well as post-warranty service.


All Dermlite* products purchased from us as of July 2018 come with a five-year warranty, carried out by our service in Poland. The service request handling cycle usually closes within 3 business days.

*not applicable to Dermlite Cam and Foto II Pro.


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Dermlite DL5

 1 830.60 Incl. VAT
The latest Dermlite DL5 dermatoscope. Unrivaled optics and new, unique lighting modes will allow you to perform comprehensive diagnostics with a single device.

Dermlite DL4

 1 462.32 Incl. VAT

State-of-the-art Dermlite dermatoscope will provide the best images for professionals

Dermlite Nailio with FotoX

 1 641.60 Incl. VAT
World's first dermatoscope designed for nails

DermLite Handyscope

 798.12 Incl. VAT
Dermlite Handyscope is a dermatoscope dedicated to documentation via smartphone or tablet.

DermLite DL100

 345.17 Incl. VAT
DermLite DL100 is the simplest choice in advanced polarized light technology

Dermlite MCC adapter

 60.89 Incl. VAT
MCC - DermLite universal adapter for phone or tablet

Dermlite plate for hard-to-reach areas SO DL4

 81.00 Incl. VAT
Snap-on contact plate for hard-to-reach areas (non-magnetic) for Dermlite DL4 dermatoscope

Small contact plate Dermlite DL5

 81.00 Incl. VAT
Snap-on contact plate for hard-to-reach areas (non-magnetic) for Dermlite DL5 dermatoscope

Dermlite DL1

 324.00 496.80 Incl. VAT
A small, pocket-sized dermatoscope dedicated to archiving images using a smartphone. For use also as a traditional dermatoscope.

IceCap disposable pads 25 pcs.

 15.66 Incl. VAT
IceCap hygienic caps - Dermatoscope: DL200/DL4/DL5

Dermlite DL200

 812.16 926.64 Incl. VAT
A modern mid-range dermatoscope that will enable accurate diagnosis in any office.

DermLite DL4 docking station

 153.75 Incl. VAT
DermLite DL4 docking station