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LOTOS 1470nm 15W laser

 9 828.00
1470 nm 15W laser for phlebology and proctology applications.


The laser, with a wavelength of 1470 nm, gives the best results among the lasers on the market today. In addition, the radial fiber opens up new treatment options.

FOX 1064NM

FOX laser for nail fungus therapy


Extremely wide application thanks to the possibility of selecting the wavelength - 980, 1064 or 1470nm.

Medical lasers

Medical lasers play a huge role in the modern treatment of disorders of diverse origin. The emergence of innovative, sensitive and precise laser devices on the market has made it possible to replace invasive treatment methods with much gentler procedures for the body. Medical lasers are used for, among other things, percutaneous vascular closure, removal of dermatological lesions, phlebological procedures of various types, laser lipolysis or laser-assisted liposuction, ENT treatments, treatment of hemorrhoids and DCR. Each medical laser available in our store is easy to use, mobile and compact. We sell professional equipment that emits wavelengths of varying lengths. How much do medical lasers cost? Prices of high-end devices vary and depend on several factors, including the parameters of a particular model. Feel free to contact our representatives, who will be happy to present a detailed offer tailored to individual expectations.