Electrosurgery (89)

Dermoscopy (51)

Lasers (6)

Videodermoscopy (2)

Cryosurgery (25)

Phlebology (16)

Vein finders (17)

Proctology (52)

Surgical pumps (18)

Light and loupes (16)

Trolleys (4)

Skin parameters measurements (16)

Podology and cosmetology (68)

Phototherapy (2)

Plastic surgery (16)


Starting our business in 2000, we went through successive stages of expanding our offer of medical equipment and devices for doctors' offices, clinics, outpatient clinics and hospitals.
We have introduced many innovative methods and devices, following the dynamic development of diagnostic and treatment techniques. Bringing the knowledge and engineering experience gained over the years of work, and supported by the knowledge and experience of recognized authorities in the medical world, we strive to best serve our customers. We provide assistance in making the best choices, as well as support during the after-use period.


Our representatives provide assistance both in the selection of equipment and during subsequent use.
We are a well-established company in the market gives you a sense of confidence that you will not be left alone.


We train our clients in both the operation of the equipment and its use during treatments.
We work with respected practitioners with years of experience.