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Halogen rectoscope

 1 350.00 Incl. VAT
Included: - 150 W cold light projector - Heine rectoscopic head - A fiber optic cable to connect the head unit to the projector - insufflation pear with pre-chamber

Portable rectoscope kit

 842.40 Incl. VAT
Included: - Heine rectoscopic head - handle rechargeable handle with bulb - insufflation blower with pre-chamber

Diagnostic video-rectoscope

 3 611.11 Incl. VAT
  • fullHD camera with archiving software
  • rectoscopic head for disposable tubes
  • endoscopic adapter
  • insufflation blower with pre-chamber

UniSpec anoscopic tubes 25 pcs.

 52.50  40.27 Incl. VAT
UniSpec disposable anoscopic tubes (85x20mm). Package of 25 pcs. anoscopes.

UniSpec proctoscopic tubes 25 pcs.

 71.78  58.86 Incl. VAT
UniSpec disposable proctoscopic tubes (130x20 mm). Package of 25 pcs. proctoscopes.

UniSpec sigmoidoscopic tubes

 97.49  84.33 Incl. VAT
UniSpec disposable sigmoidoscopic tubes (250x20 mm). Package of 25 pcs. sigmoidoscopes.

Double insufflation blower

 104.55 Incl. VAT
Double insufflation blower

Rectoscopes for examinations of the digestive and excretory systems

A rectoscope is a diagnostic device designed to perform speculum examinations of the terminal gastrointestinal tract. Examinations with a rectoscope are performed using rigid specula. Increasingly, disposable specula made of patient-friendly thermoplastic material are being used, which nullifies the discomfort caused by the cold sensation accompanying examinations performed with steel tubes. Rectoscope is a popular diagnostic device, which should not be missing in any medical facility where examinations in the field of digestive and excretory system diagnostics are carried out. A modern rectoscope is a device characterized by many conveniences, both for the doctor performing the examination and the patient himself. Kits with a vascular illuminator prove to be very effective in the conditions of diagnostic work. As a specialized medical equipment store, we supply our customers with high-quality diagnostic equipment and medical treatment equipment. In our assortment we have rectoscopes from reputable manufacturers together with accessories. The offered rectoscopes can be equipped with vascular illuminators, which allows the use of a single light source for various diagnostic activities. The rectoscopes offered in our store work with Heine specula. We encourage all interested parties to read in detail our offer for rectoscopes and accessories for proctological examinations.