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Disposable proctological speculum

Proctological conditions can be very distressing, and if one realizes that ailments of this type also include cancerous lesions of the colon, it may be that we are talking about a deadly threat. Trouble with excretion can activate layers of shame that effectively delay a visit to a specialist. Delay in diagnosing the problem and starting treatment can have disastrous consequences. A good proctologist is able to conduct a non-invasive examination in a way that is comfortable for the patient. His basic working tools include disposable proctological specula, proctoscopic tubes and sigmoidoscopic tubes. We have collected them in this category of our online store. These are sterile devices used for diagnosing and treating rectal and rectal dysfunctions. By using disposable items, you get rid of the obligation to clean and sterilize the tool every time. Check out our offer and see for yourself that at you will find branded medical equipment at affordable prices.